We only went and won a top Scouting Award!

Date: 8th Oct 2017 Author: Scout Websites

We are the winners of the Kent Scouts Media Award 2017.

Kent Scouts are the 2nd largest Scout county in the UK, with over 17k children and nearly 6k adult members participating in Scouting, so we were very honoured to even be nominated for the media award, however we were blown away to actually win it!

8th Tonbridge Scout Group – WINNERS of the Kent Scouts Media Award 2017

In terms of length of service within Scouting, the leadership team in Hildenborough Tonbridge are relatively young and it’s this freshness and attitude that makes the Scout Group in Hildenborough stand out, especially around media interaction. We have nearly 1100 twitter followers who all observe and interact with what the group are doing, our website gets thousands of visitors and is kept up to date with articles and pictures. The judges commented that our media presence both locally in our community and wider across the UK was far and above what would normally be expected of a Scout County let along a Scout group based in a small village.

It was always our intention of spreading the word about Scouting, we never wanted to just be a Scout Hut in Hildenborough where fun and laughter could be heard from within but no one knew what was going on inside.

Our Group Scout Leader set up the website and Twitter feeds 5 years ago, long before most groups had even considered using these media outlets. As a group we regularly get tweets from Scout Ambassadors including Bear Grylls, Megan Hine, Julia Bradbury, Tim Peake, Steve Backshall, Helen Glover & other inspirational role models such as Dame Kelly Holmes & Ellie Simmonds OBE.

“I am extremely proud of our Leadership Team and the Young People in our Scout Group, this award is fantastic and goes some way to recognise the acheivements of all of those that put so much effort into the youth within our community. A great deal of “behind the scenes” work goes on across all our sections by the leaders, and I am so grateful to those that give up their time to help others. I know our group will continue to flourish and develop, encountering more exciting adventures in the future. Well done Team 8th Tonbridge Scout Group.” The Group Scout Leader

Also invited to the awards ceremony was one of our Explorer Scouts and Young Leader for Cubs. Sarah is studying photography as part of her Duke of Edinburgh challenge. Over the last 12 months Sarah has become the “official” Scout group photographer and it is the majority of her images that are used on the website. She has developed her skills over time and now produces some spectacular images of our young people and activities. Thank you Sarah.

Our Scout Group consists of just over 100 young people and adults, this award is for all of you and will shortly be on display in our Scout Hut for you all to see.

Well done everyone and congratulations.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls